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I just discovered your web page, it is fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together.
- Christine

Great site, thecoloringspot, no one page or theme in particular is better than any other, they’re all terrific. I’ve been going through every link with a fine-toothed comb, wonderful quality images, huge assortment, and I’ve been going through it for more than a week now and have only seen about 2/3 of it’s entirety. Additionally, let me say how relieved I am to finally see a web site where the people who constructed it actually know the English language and how to communicate. I’ve been surfing the ‘net for 4 or 5 years now and was about to throw in the towel as far as expecting any literacy out there (the web seems to be evolving into a wasteland for the lazy & uneducated), even among the sites that are supposed to be geared toward stimulating learning in children. Again, good job!
- Theodore

Your site is fantastic! The colouring pages are an absolute hit with my 9 year old daughter – and i’ve found them very useful for lectures as well!
- Denis

Hi guys, Just a thank you for a quick & easy way to find TONS of variety and coloring in one spot! Everyone in our family loves to color- it’s very theraputic, plus we do have some kids. Thanks again.
- Prudence & Graham

hey i just wanted to stop by to let you know that your site is really wicked cool!!! i have never seen coloring pics like these!
- Amanda

I want to thank you for your page. It’s really interesting and it helps us to improve our classes (I give English lessons to children)
- Emy

Thank you so much for the totally wonderful site you’ve produced. It’s one of, if not THE, best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen over 3,000 or so.
- Janet

just wanted to thank you for such a great site! You are the best “free coloring site”, and so easy to use! thanks again!
- Sharon

Loved the site, beautiful pics. Would love to have found a Quail to color for the letter Q!
- Fonda


Nice site.
- Sierrai

study dog grooming and animal care at college, i just want to thank you for you pictures it will help me with my animal care, i looked all over the net and i found your page thank you.
- Chantelle

Wonderful site. Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures.
- Patsy

hi! i love your website, its really cool :) i think it would be awesome if you added a panda & some more horses, l love horses!! :) thanks I really appriciate you doing this, and if you have the time, will you please, pretty PLEASE, with sugar on top!! add a/some wolf/wolves! thanx SOOO MUCH! YOU RULE!!
~livo~ :D

You are the best! Thanks…

Great site!! Thanks for making it free to use!

thanks so much to your site!! i found exactly what i need for my lesson! my deepest gratitude…

I’m in France and I really like your website. You really help me who create for the daughter of my sister a colored book. Lot of thanks.
- Guylaine

I was able to use your pictures for a project for a class I have where we work with preschoolers! I love this site…I will be recomending it to others!
- Tinai

love animals because there is a lot.
- Maxi

Hi! Wonderful animal pictures to colour! I am using them to embroider for a quilt. I found lots of Canadian animals that are realistic on this site and when I am finished with them my children can colour them as well. Thank you. When are you putting on some more farm animals. I need a rooster and some farm buildings, like a barn and an old fashioned outhouse! P. S. I do quilts for charities and children in orphanages, third world countries, etc. so when I can get pictures that children can enjoy it’s especially thrilling for me.
- Linda

A tiger would be helpful on this site!
- Stephanie


Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions. We’re doing our best to implement many of the suggestions we’ve received for new images and features!

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